A Real Life Princess

In a recent trip I visited the most magical place on earth, Disney World! When you walk through the gate it can project you back to your childhood where you were amazed by the wonder of the world, thought happy thoughts, and believed that dreams can come true. As we get older it is more difficult to have faith in these fundamentals so the reminder is a wonderful, uplifting experience.

I attended with a dear friend of mine, RC. We were both celebrating meaningful accomplishments in our lives. Mine, of course, is wearing proudly the Miss International 2013 title. RC has recently lost 94lbs and counting and has adopted an admirable lifestyle of health and fitness. He just completed the Glass Slipper Challenge at Disney (that’s a 5k, 10k, and a 13.1 mile half marathon – a 3 day journey). In our own ways we are testaments to hard work and believing in the power of our dreams. That is something we can all relate to in this world - seeing our vision and making it happen.

I had a very profound moment while in the park. Wearing my crown and sash I was taking photos in front of Cinderella’s Castle when a little girl approached. I told her she looked like the most beautiful princess I had ever seen! Her father informed me that she does not speak English so he translated my words to her. She immediately embraced me with a warm hug and wanted to pose for a photo with me. I knelt down and never in my life has someone clung to me so tightly. When the wind was blowing hair in my face she turned to me and so gently brushed my hair behind my shoulders – could not have been more precious.

Sure, us crownheads may not be as immortalized as Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the rest of the gang, but we are influential nonetheless. The magic of being a titleholder does not come from others treating us like royalty, but treating others like they are royalty in themselves.

My wardrobe inspiration, Snow White, and my look for the day!

RC and I on Main Street USA (he’s wearing his race medals!!

Having a casual conversation with Ariel about a day in the life of a princess… we had so much in common ;-)

Posing with Ariel, my favorite childhood princess

Cinderella’s Castle and the man whose dreams made all of this reality

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