St. Patrick's Day Parade

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day!!! To celebrate this holiday I attended the 15th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in Little Rock, AR!

The parade is an annual celebration of Irish culture, music and dance, and the Irish-American heritage in Arkansas. The Parade was full of clowns, Irish Wolfhounds, antique cars, decorative floats and so much more!

I met some pretty interesting people there!

This parade is a huge event in Little Rock. There were over 90 different parade participants and the color green flooded the streets. So many things were taking place there that it was hard to take everything in at once! There was even a wedding!

After the Parade there were musical performances from the two marching bagpipe bands and traditional Irish dance performances by the McCafferty and O’Donovan Schools of Irish Dance.

These sweet little girls were part of one of the dance groups performing.

I had such a fun time at the parade this weekend and fortunately, all of the festivities ended just before it started to rain!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Haley Pontius


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