Arkansas International Pageant Workshop

It’s one month till the Mrs., Miss and Miss Teen International Pageant! And this Sunday was the workshop for all of the contestants!!

Sitting at home the night before the workshop, I was checking my twitter and what I saw made me smile. Young ladies, who are contestants this year in the AR International Pageant, were tweeting about the workshop and their excitement! They were also tweeting each other, saying how ecstatic they all were that it’s finally here and how happy they were that they get to see each other. Seeing this warmed my heart and took me back to when I was a contestant just a year ago.

I absolutely love workshop! It’s a chance for me to get to know the contestants and help them prepare for the competition.

The state workshop is an opportunity for all of the contestants to get an idea of what the pageant will be like and what kind of things they will be doing as a state titleholder. At workshop we do everything from mock interviews to having opening number rehearsals.

My goal is to help all of the Mrs., Miss and Miss Teen International contestants be the best that they can be! That’s why if you have any questions at all, I encourage you to reach out to me and I will be happy to give you tips!

Much Love,

Haley Pontius


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