Night At The Oscar's

As you all know, the Academy Awards were earlier this month! Typically I watch the show from my sofa, but this year I was invited to the Night At The Oscar’s event in Little Rock, AR!

Upon arriving, guests walked the red carpet and many were interviewed about the event and the award show, including me! We discussed which movies and actors I thought were going to win and details about some of the auctions that were taking place that evening.

While there, Miss Arkansas Intl, Mrs. Arkansas Intl and I volunteered our services to the Wolfe Street Foundation and helped in the raffle of a pair of beautiful, $4,000-dollar earrings. One hundred small, red boxes were sold to everyone in the building and later we opened our boxes all at once to see if we had the winning box! (Unfortunately it was not me.)

The night consisted of auctions of extravagant jewelry, furs, vacation packages, everything you could imagine! The emcee was a local TV personality and local celebrity from KATV, Barry Brantd.

The dinner was a five-course gourmet meal and I couldn’t help but eat every bite of! It was delicious!

Yes, our dessert was too cute to not snap a picture of.

The mission of the Wolfe Street Foundation is to provide facilities for support groups and to develop and implement programs aimed toward education and prevention for anyone interested in recovery from addictions and for their families as they relate to alcoholism.

This event alone raised thousands of dollars to support the Wolfe Street Foundation and their cause and it was an honor to be a part of it.

All my love,

Haley Pontius


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