ReFashionista Challenge

I previously shared that I was on the planning committee for the 2nd Annual ReFashionista Challenge to benefit the Salvation Army. I was honored to be asked to emcee again with the regional CW-Star, Matt Snyder. The event went off with great success as we saw exponential growth from last year.

We are all blessed with such different talents and to see what these designers were able to accomplish with such interesting raw materials was truly amazing. One contestant even created a fringe skirt from old VHS tape – so cool! The winner of this year’s event created a blouson tank top out of a boldly patterned silk shirt and a pencil skirt out of an old crew neck sweatshirt. The icing on the cake was the amazing detail on the back hem of the skirt where the integrity of the sweatshirt collar was kept in tact. It was such a smart and clever design choice!

Some other special guests that attended were designers from Aspire, an organization that provides support for developmentally disabled children and adults. They strutted their creations across the runway with such pride and joy. It was so heartwarming to see the camaraderie of all of the designers to assist our local Salvation Army.

Matt and I getting ready to start the show!

A great moment with Rachel from Aspire, Major Applin, and our winner – Rachel Thomas

Matt and I with Rachel

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  1. Picture of the winning design? Im interested to see the ensemble


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