Be Proactive, Get Active!

It is no secret that childhood obesity is a major problem in today’s society! My platform Be Proactive, Get Active was developed to help encourage children to find forms of physical activity that they enjoy and begin making healthy lifestyle choices that will last a lifetime. It was inspired by my participation with the Fuel Up to Play 60 Program. Because my mom is a former elementary Physical Education and Health teacher, I have been exposed to the dangers of inactivity, unhealthy eating habits, and poor lifestyle choices since I was young. I am lucky that she and my dad, a golfer and cyclist, are positive role models for my sisters and me. Since I was very young they encouraged me to try a variety of sports and physical activities so I could find out what I really enjoyed. I’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter what form of activity you choose as long as you choose to be active.

I was introduced to the NFL’s Fuel Up to Play 60 through my PE classes many years ago. By participating in this program I began personally making healthy choices like joining my school’s jogging club, taking my dog on afterschool walks, playing outside, and riding my bike. As my love for physical activity grew and became a habit I began looking for ways to inspire others to get moving. The NFL’s Fuel Up to Play 60 program gave me all the tools and resources I needed to not only track my own progress but also encourage others to do the same.

After I recorded enough points through the program’s website I became a Student Ambassador for this amazing organization! Last month I attended the National Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassador Summit. I met with students from 43 states along with leaders from the National Football League, National Dairy Council, SAP, and GENYOUth Foundation to discover how we can work together to tackle childhood obesity. During my week at the summit I spent time at the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium, participated in a Quaker Oats Cook-Off Challenge, placed in the Top 3 in the YouthTalks competition, met 5 NFL players, and made friendships that will last a lifetime! Attending this conference was an incredible opportunity, and I am extremely excited about partnering with Fuel Up to Play 60 to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic during my reign as Miss Teen International!

Some of the ways I promote my platform are by starting community walks called “Walking Wednesday”, speaking to students at elementary and middle schools, initiating “plays” from Fuel Up to Play 60’s playbook, volunteering at local 5Ks and marathons, distributing nutritious snacks in environments that typically serve unhealthy foods, mentoring athletes at the Miracle League and Special Olympics, and my absolute favorite way to promote healthy living is through frequent updates on social media! If we choose to take a proactive stance to improve our health, we can prevent future problems like obesity, heart disease and diabetes. By informing children of these dangers, empowering them to make a change, and helping them find ways to make healthy living fun, we can put an end to the obesity epidemic that is plaguing our globe!

A few pictures from neighborhood walks I have hosted!

I will be sharing more about my goals for the coming year as well as my strategy to help create a healthier generation in a later post! Until then, I encourage you all to go to, create an account, and start the journey to a healthier you! Don’t forget to be proactive and get active today!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!



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