Stay Organized!

I cannot stress how important it is to stay organized! As a city, county, state, country, or International titleholder you will most likely have appearance requests from multiple organizations on the same day! I keep a calendar to stay organized! Not only do I keep my upcoming events on it, but important due dates, birthdays and vacations! It is much easier to see a conflict in scheduling when it is right in front of your face! I am a visual person so I have a HUGE dry erase calendar that I keep on my wall and add to when needed! You can use different colors to represent different types of events, or even use post its when you don’t have enough space on a specific day!

I have a Huge 3 months coming up and I wouldn’t have been able to schedule it all if it wasn’t for my organizational skills. I have a binder with information on every event that I can refer to if I need to pull up my hotel info, flight schedule or event coordinator’s phone number! It is so much easier than rummaging through emails or trying to track down websites- everything is just in ONE place!

MY Calendar for the next 3 months- I will be traveling to 5 states! Yes you heard me right- 5 states in 3 months! I will be adding more events as they come in!

Ignite Your Spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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