Second Chances

As my eyes slowly opened the morning after Mrs. International Finals to the oh so friendly hotel wake up call, I took a deep breath and burst out of bed. As the days agenda ran through my mind, reality had still not quite sunk in.

I remember showing up at orientation and as 64 beautiful, compassionate ladies introduced themselves I took some deep breaths. Wow, what class and grace filled the room.

As the week progressed and I fell in love with each accomplished woman even more. Pouring their hearts out as they shared their platforms, watching them trudge through heat in St.Augustine in our "comfortable shoes" and giving their all during rehearsals, I felt honored each moment to be around everyone.

My roommate was Mrs. Arkansas International Dana Wessel, she has a beautiful servants heart and is one of the sweetest ladies ever! Thank you Dana for being an amazing roommate!

The funny thing is, contestant to me for the International Pageant system can seem incorrect at times, because we are encouragers, teammates and now sisters forever.

Getting ready for the week I kept myself surrounded with reminders of what mattered the most. My faith, My family, My platform.

The crowning moment was one of the most exciting moments of my life behind marrying my husband and the birth of each of our children, but it is not a moment that defines the last week in Jacksonville. Looking back, some of my favorite moments are seeing a woman battling cancer standing strong before a room full of people. A burn victim overcoming her fear of bearing her legs in public shining bright in front of an audience radiating beauty from her confidence. Ladies pulling together in others time of need as wardrobe malfunctions happened close to opening number. I had visualized the moment in my mind, but when my name was called I absolutely went bananas! It was an overwhelming moment of joy and deep gratitude because this is only by God’s grace I can stand before you as Mrs. International 2014 and how He helped me overcome and most importantly Never Give Up.

I am beyond honored, blessed and delighted to continue representing Soles4Souls in a high capacity as Mrs. International 2014. Over the last year serving as Mrs. Great Plains International I saw the impact that would be possible to help wear out poverty as Mrs. International and have never looked back.

In my heart I am forever grateful for second chances. I have had many in life, but for the International Pageant system to give me and others another try is such an unbelievable opportunity that I never, ever want to take for granted. No other system can measure up.

Thank you for my amazing husband Fred and his constant support and prayer during this journey. The love we share in our marriage and with our children means more than any award or honor I could ever receive.

What is your next journey? Coming back? Expanding your organization's reach? New life direction?......maybe sleeping for a week straight with a foot massage everyday ;)

Sisters, plain and simple I am here for you to walk alongside in anything you need. You are my moments and I cherish all of you in your beautifully unique selves. We are family. We are International Pageants!

Live what you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014


A special thank you to Amy Gregorio for being an amazing Mrs. International 2013 and all around wonderful human being. She calmed my nerves during crowning as my body shook with excitement. I have always watched her treat every person with equality and kindness. Amy, you are a true queen in and out. The International Pageant system is truly blessed to have you as a part of their legacy.


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