Creating Your Red Carpet Gala Gift

One of the fun activities we get to do as a Mrs. International contestant is create an auction gift for the Red Carpet Gala Thursday night. The Red Carpet gala itself is an opportunity to meet and greet the city of Jacksonville leaders and officials and enjoy a gala with your sisters.

One of my favorite parts is seeing everyone’s auction gifts from around the world. A question that usually comes up is what to include.

It is does not have to be huge or outrageously expensive, but my personal opinion is that it should on some level be a reflection of you. A reminder that proceeds benefit a local Jacksonville charity. Do make sure to take time, and put thought in to it so it’s something people want to bid on to raise funds.

Throughout the year traveling and attending different events, I kept the gala gift in my mind so it could also be a reflection of the year as Mrs. Great Plains International 2014, my platform and people I had the opportunity to meet.

Some of my favorite I have seen are weekend away packages, wine packages are always a hit and of course jewelry!

Most importantly have fun with it and make sure it is something you can travel with or ship ahead of time. Since I was able to drive to Jacksonville, a larger basket was possible.

I loved my Sherri Hill Dress for the gala from Competitive Image! Photo by Paula Preston

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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