Soles4Souls Spring Fashion Show

One of Soles4Souls partnerships is with BonTon Stores, also known as Younkers, Herbergers, etc. A series of special events are held throughout the year by BonTon to fundraise for Soles4Souls and help support their mission to wear out poverty.

Recently my daughters and I had the pleasure to participate in one of BonTon’s fashion show fundraisers for Soles4Souls in their goal to raise $15,000 in just Nebraska alone. We did two shows in one day at two different locations in Nebraska and other shows were held of the same day throughout the country!

Here are a few fun pictures from the event and thank you to Bon Ton for supporting Soles4Souls efforts!

Fiona and Ellie had such a blast modeling, it is so fun seeing our daughters enjoying events together!

This was one of the 5 looks modeled and voted one of the favorites!

I loved walking hand in hand with Fiona down the runway to close the show, we were two happy ladies.

Some of the Younkers team members and models along with BonTon Special Event coordinator Beth!

To see all of the locations the events were held, visit this link:

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