Fun Fashion - Fierce or Funky

Let’s chat about one of the most fun phases of competition… Fun Fashion of course! The purpose of this phase is to showcase the contestants’ energy, personality, sense of style, and modeling skills. However, it can and has been detrimental to many contestants’ scores before. There are several reasons why!

Let’s first talk about the wardrobe selection. Think about evening gown. Although there are lots of different styles, designs, and options, overall the contestants have a somewhat similar look. The same is sort of intended with fun fashion. There is a fine line between being out of the box and crossing the line. If I had to describe the phase in a few words it would be red carpet, runway, and extremely stylish. I have seen some beautiful outfits that reflect a contestant’s culture and heritage, but it typically isn't what is meant by the phase. I would recommend sticking with an edgy, high fashion piece rather than a cultural one. Our system has each contestant register both her fun fashion and gown choice so there are not duplicates onstage.

Now on to the actual competition! Another fine line is established during the modeling part of this phase. I have seen many contestants that just weren't as high energy as they needed to be, but there are also many that just over do it! Sometimes what feels sassy actually looks silly. I highly suggest practicing your walk and poses in a mirror and seeking professional help from Toned To Win’s Chelsea Cooley Altman! A walking coach as talented as Chelsea can make the world of difference in how a girl presents herself on stage. Please practice in advance!!!

Please let me know if you have questions. I want each of you to be prepared, confident, and super fierce during this phase! Fun Fashion shouldn't “make or break” your score. I am pumped to see all of your fabulous wardrobe choices this summer!

My fabulous gown courtesy of the Competitive Image and photo by Paula Preston!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith
Miss Teen International 2014


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