Social Media Etiquette

Social Media is such an integrated part of our lives now, just as we put our best foot forward in person; we need to on the internet as well, especially as a titleholder representing International Pageants. Social Media is big, and is not going away…that means neither will anything you’ve ever posted. Even after we delete something, it has already left a cyber footprint.

A general rule of thumb… If you have to ask someone if it something you should post, there is a chance you shouldn’t post it.

Here are a few of my thoughts that are not meant to dictate your social media, but simply as an informational sharing point. Enjoy and thank you for reading!

10. Do be polite! This includes in what forums we cross over to through the internet. Even if we are not gossiping, when we are scouring the internet reading accusations about others, it is like drinking poison for our soul and will bleed in to our thoughts. You know, I have heard about voy boards, but have never once visited one. Steer clear of anything that doesn’t shine light into your life, or on the life of another. There will be people who will seek to put out the lights shining brighter than theirs, don’t let anyone put out your light and don’t try to put out another’s. Post only about others as you would have them post about you!

9. Do look at yourself from an outside perspective. This can be tough, but ask yourself honestly if you were a reputable business, are you someone they would want to hire based on what they see through your posts?

8. Don’t be an energy vampire!!! If you are having a bad day, phone a friend. I understand on occasion we seek prayer for a sick or hurting friend, family member or ourselves, but the obligatory or constant “I’m Sad” or “Feeling Miserable” are not for your wall.

7. Do avoid controversy. This is not just us, we represent the International Pageant system and just like when we are workers for a business, we become an extension of what we represent. Our comments become our character.

6. Do use good grammar. Ok, I’m guilty! I really have to work at this one, but it is important none the less!

5. Don’t tag people in unflattering pictures, or pictures they are not in often…and really think twice about posting it. It happens, we take the best picture of our life and look like a million bucks, but the person or persons in the picture with us unfortunately does not look their best. Bad lighting, bad angle, etc. Considering cropping if you can first as a courtesy to that person. If you still really feel like posting it, do not tag them in it. On the note of tagging people... if the person is in the photo, or a sponsors product like Clay Spann’s makeup, a dress from Competitive Image, Suzy’s book, the perfect plate from Chelsea & AT or hair products from Thomas & Drew, then tag. I do not like to overrun people’s walls with tags of them. Can they control their content if the settings are right, sure, but my opinion is it’s a courtesy to not over tag. What about a thank you post? Go ahead, just be cautious on over tagging. To tag, or not to tag, it’s always the question!

4. Do send someone a great picture you found of them or great information for them to post! I love sharing content with people for them to post, it’s not always about what we post. Can we help others as well? The answer is usually yes. It doesn’t mean we go search on their behalf, but if we are researching in general or see something and know it’s related to a friend’s platform or would be great for a blog post, send it their way. Again, within reason on how sending content.

3. Don’t like your own posts. This can be read wrong a few different ways, but if you are the one generating the post, let the audience engage and do not like it.

2. Don’t take someone else’s post and make it your own. If you are able to share a post and whose social media feed you saw it on, include them in your content. If you are not the originator of the graphic, do not cut out someone else’s name and put yours or your business. There are limitations with sponsors, be mindful of that when posting.

1. Do Keep it classy. There is a difference between classy sexy and trashy sexy. Is it ok to be sexy, absolutely! Sexy does not mean always showing how fantastic a body is with the tightest or outfit, pouring cleavage out of a shirt, short shorts, bikini pictures or backside pics (especially if you are a Mrs.!) This can come in to play as a safety issue as well, there are a lot of online predators. Get your likes from the right audience and keep your reputation intact.

I liked this excerpt from an online cyber safety site: Once posted, always posted. Protect your reputation on social networks. What you post online stays online. Think twice before posting pictures you wouldn’t want your parents or future employers to see. Recent research found that 70% of job recruiters rejected candidates based on information they found online. (

A quick ending note for any Mrs. International contestants with children. Some of you may have noticed I do not post often about my children and that is with intention. The social media account’s are under my name, not theirs and it is with caution for their safety as well. My family is the most important thing to me on this earth and I love them dearly, and it is for that very reason I limit what I post about them. Talk as a family what is best for you as social media progresses.

This is an additional article on Social Media Etiquette I really enjoyed!

Happy Posting and feel free to send any additional questions to be addressed in a future blog!

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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