Strengthening Your Brand

I am very excited to write this blog, branding is one of my favorite topics of discussion, Brand Recognition.

Your brand is critical and will set you apart. Here are some questions to consider as you prepare for Jacksonville for the Mrs, Miss and Miss Teen International 2015 pageants.
  • How strong is your brand? 
  • Are you integrating your platforms colors into your web presence? Print Media? Wardrobe? Do you have a color? There are a lot of things to take into consideration and to be helpful on your journey! Chelsea Colley Altman with Toned to Win helped me find my power colors and brand color to align with my platform. Susan Botek helped me seamlessly weave that in to my platform page and Joey from Competitive Image in to my wardrobe!
  • Within 15 to 30 seconds of scrolling through your social media, could a judge easily recognize you are an International Pageants titleholder?
  • Within 15 to 30 seconds of scrolling through your social media, could a judge easily recognize your platform?
  • Do you have a photo of you that is your "brand" photo?
  • Do you have marketing material? Business cards? Personalized thank you cards?
  • Does your audience know how they can connect with you through social media across multiple platforms? Logos are great on business cards and autograph cards so they know how to keep up with your International Pageant journey!
For an example, my colors were white and turquoise for print and graphic media and in wardrobe whites and anything in the blue spectrum. I wanted to align with Soles4Souls branding colors and they also worked well with my personality.

Here are a few of the pictures I used from Clay Spann for my branding pieces. To see my platform page, see the previous blog posted on platform pages.

I felt that social media and web presence leading to Mrs. International was one of my greatest assets. It is important to have fully developed brand that is cohesive and when you sit down at that judges table, they already know your face, your platform and what you have accomplished. This allows you time during your interview to talk about you’re your plans are as Mrs. International instead of spending the 5 minutes (which goes verrrryyyyy quick)

Social Media is our window and voice to the world that tells our story. With a few page scrolls, it can tell someone who you are even without meeting you. I always looked at social media like an extended interview and that is whether it is for the pageant or any future ambitions.

Here is an additional article as a resource:

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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