Autograph Cards

Hello Ladies! Hopefully most of you have read your handbooks by now and are familiar with the autograph cards! You will want to bring them with you everywhere you go in Jacksonville!

It’s a great way to promote you title and the system! A really good way to connect with more people is to have your social media account info and email address printed on the cards as well, or at least the international social media accounts! That way people can find out more info about the system and look up the results and hopefully get their daughters or friends involved!

Depending on the background color of your autograph cards, you may want a black or a silver sharpie, or even a fun color like pink! Just make sure your signature shows up! The cards can be any size or even have multiple photos on them, you can be as creative as you like!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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