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April of 2014 the idea started brewing in my mind to write a children’s book for Soles4Souls. I remember first running the concept by them and the excitement received about the idea. We finished the book before Mrs. International, but it was something that we wanted to publish if crowned Mrs. International 2014 in that role.

Here we are about one year later and thanks to the talent of Krista Wanous Miss International 2011’s illustrations and Britt Hernandez from NGC Group Inc., the book is being published. A tremendous thank you to both of them and their efforts in making this possible.

The book includes children we have met on our actual shoe distribution trips, which is very special to me.

The picture below is of a young lad named Mirabella who lived at an orphanage. I was able to spend the most time with her on our trip to Honduras in March of 2014. We played soccer, I did her hair and we just had a really fun time together, so she is someone to always remember.

My children love to read and especially books that are fun, interactive and they feel like they can read it. We brought our children’s love for reading in to the book and Britt Hernandez really helped put the finishing touch’s on it.

The proceeds of this book will benefit Soles4Souls and we are creating a local scholarship for underprivileged youth in Lincoln, NE.

We would love to have you join the journey and help get youth excited about serving others through simple actions, like collecting shoes! Order your copy or for a young reader you know at :!product-page/c18ij/31aad76c-2611-3c92-fd35-5b6fe95b4041

Thinking about writing your own book? If you have any questions, feel free to message me and I would be happy to share what I learned through the process of getting a book published. Thank you to Keikilani Ho, Mrs. Hawaii International 2013 for sharing how she wrote her children’s book to help me get started in the process!

Thank you for supporting Soles4Souls to helping us Wear Out Poverty!

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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