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With only a couple of months left until the pageant I hope you are all having a fantastic time picking out your wardrobe! My favorite part of competition is Fun Fashion! I was so honored to receive the Fun Fashion award at the 2014 Miss International pageant! Awards are given out at the banquet after Finals night, so make sure to attend so you can find out if you’ve won anything!

Sherri Hill Gown by The Competitive Image

Fun Fashion can be ANYTHING! I have seen girls wear pants, shorts, skirts, ball gowns, rompers, literally everything! As long as it’s fun and shows off your personality, you can’t go wrong! Just be careful of the lengths and fits of your outfits! You also want to make sure its age appropriate to your division. If you’re a teen, make sure it isn’t too sexy and if you’re a miss, make sure it isn’t too young! Also, as fun as it is to wear something that represents your country, the judges usually don’t seem to understand those outfits, it would be smarter to go with something fashionable and fun than too foreign that the judges may not understand your choices.

The element of surprise is always fun! I have seen girls rip off skirts to unveil pants or shorts underneath, or even rip off capes, or have beads that can be moved while onstage! Have fun with color in the category! I have always loved blue on myself but didn’t love it on me for evening gown, so I decided I would rock it in fun fashion!

My Fun Fashion came from Joey at The Competitive Image aka genius dress creator and visionary! I am constantly getting compliments on my wardrobe and I owe it all to him. I attended the Sherri Hill Trunk show last year and tried on a gorgeous ball gown hat had a high slit, peekaboo shorts and a beautiful scalloped strapless neckline. Joey and I loved the beadwork on the gown, but weren’t in love with a ball gown for my age. SO we decided to do away with the full skirt, make it a two piece dress, add an off the shoulder strap, and chiffon that connected to cuffs on my arms. We had a vision that could have only been created in person by us at that exact moment. We had no idea how it would turn out, but I trusted Joey and Sherri Hill to make my dream dress, and I am so glad that I did!

Modeling your fun fashion onstage should be fun! You want to show your personality without being too stiff or over the top. This isn’t the time to flail your arms all over the stage and do 4 spins, but is also isn’t “fun” to be completely stiff either. Practice your walk with fun music in front of a mirror or family and friends. Purchase the DVD’s from years previously to get an idea of what a winning fun fashion walk looks like. Most of all, have FUN!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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