International Pageants Wardrobe

We are so close to July, I am VERY excited to see everyone in the class of Mrs. International 2015!

The big question. What to wear?! If you have read previous blogs, you know I pack evvvvverything, so besides what will be shown in pictures below, there were “spare” outfits as well just in case.

Pre-pageant, I put together this sheet so it was clear on what I was going to wear each day. This was simple, but working with Chelsea Cooley Altman from Toned To Win really helped piece my wardrobe together (and literally, piece by piece!)

All of the pieces for the week were important to keep within my branding spectrum, which is why the coloring was consistent in each wardrobe piece. It was great working with Competitive Image on putting the wardrobe together!

On my way to rehearsal last year with Mrs. Russia International 2014!

There is a lot of time in front of cameras and public, but what to wear when getting ready? Personally, I wanted to stay in “the mode” 100% of the time and keep mentally sharp. Any moment I stepped outside my hotel room, I considered myself in a job interview and to always be in that role. If you want to be more comfortable in a jump suit or Titlewear, by all means if that is what helps you prepare, then do so. For me it was having one or two additional outfits for getting ready with hair and makeup.

Drew Dunn getting me ready for orientation! I worked with them both years, which took A LOT of stress off my shoulders having to worry about doing my own hair and makeup. Book them if you have not already, you’ll be happy you did!

Two more things to think about. There is orientation, but before that, there is the arrival at the hotel. My personal opinion is it is not time for jeans and a t-shirt, the in person interview starts then. Does this mean you need an expensive cocktail dress? No. But have a fun, accessorized outfit.

The below picture was my “arrival” outfit after 2 days driving to Florida. Mind you it was taken at 2 in the morning, but arriving is arriving and you always have to be ready!

There is one last outfit to think about that is REALLY important. What are you going to wear the day after if you win for your Mrs. International 2015 morning meeting? You will hit the ground running and need to be ready to do so, keep this in mind when packing to have it ready for your first day on the job ☺

HAVE FUN prepping. Number one thing is to stay YOU in your wardrobe choices, because if you don’t feel comfortable in it, it will show in your energy levels. If you feel great, you will be great…..which I know ALL of you already are!!

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



  1. Thank you for these helpful packing tips Maggie! Great post :)


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