Haiti International Pageant 2015

I had such an amazing time at the 2015 Haiti International pageants! The pageant took place in Brooklyn New York and I was an official judge! It was so eye opening to hear the platform of all of these wonderful young women! So many of them had very specific platform that were extremely relevant to their country. I learned so much about Haiti and its culture from these gorgeous young women!

One of my favorite memories from the weekend was being able to spend time with the 2011 International queens- Ciji and Jurnee- Miss and Miss Teen Intl 2011 and fellow judges! I had a blast laughing with them and bonding over our love of sour patch kids candy!

Mrs International 2014 - Maggie was the official Host of the pageant and boy, did she did a phenomenal job! I think she could be a comedian as a backup career! I was in stitches the entire night!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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