Pre-Conceived Notions

Hello Ladies! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I wanted to take this time to address something that happens a lot in life, but more specifically how it relates to pageantry and your time preparing and competing at nationals. I have previously written a blog about not letting what other contestants are doing make you feel insecure or inferior. I wanted to address the other issue in that, deciding how you feel about someone before you actually meet them in person.

It is very easy to see a beautiful girl with a great platform and get jealous and decide you don’t like her. But what are you really doing? You’re letting your insecurities ruin what could have been a great friendship! Most people are not “who they post” online. Do not put a target on a girls back or decide you don’t want to be nice to her because she is competition. If anything, this should show you how much you have in common and could make great friends!

I made so many new best friends and can’t wait to see what lifetime friendships you create this year!

So many times when I meet people in person, they tell me they expected me to be completely different. I have heard the words, you are so funny and down to earth, I thought you were going to be a prima donna because you are so pretty. Well, that’s not fair! We as pageant women get judged every single day for our participation in pageants by people who know nothing about them. Why would we add to that and have pre conceived notions about our sisters?

This pageant is about so much more than a sparkly crown, it’s about a sisterhood of women who build each other up while simultaneously working on causes to better our world. We all have so much in common no matter what state or country we are representing. The International system is one that truly embraces the individuality of each and every girl, so we as sisters should do the same without judgement. I am so proud to call the International system my home and to welcome a new batch of 2015 contestants! I can’t wait to meet every single one of you personally and hear all about your goals and plans for your year!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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