Thank You Soldiers!

“Zachary Fisher was the equivalent to Donald Trump, but he never wanted anyone to know it”, our tour guide Ken at the Fisher house explained how Zachary Fisher had impacted not just thousands, but millions of lives with his wife Elizabeth.

Fisher Houses provide military families housing close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness, disease or injury. Our greatest national treasure is our military service men and women and their loved ones as noted by a sign when you enter each Fisher house.

Mr. Fisher tried to join the service as a young man when he was of age, but due to previous injuries was unable to. He went back to what he knew, construction. His company grew until he amassed enough real estate and fortunate equivalent to Donald Trump, the big difference as our tour guide noted was Mr. Fisher was a very humble man, never wanting his own horn blown for his generosity. One of the few men in the world who to receive a highest honor a civilian can receive. As a thank you soldiers who are injured, the Fisher houses are built so they can stay free with their families while they are recovering from wounds. They are all over the country, but the very first one was built in Washington DC and is pictured in the collage below with the #1 over the entryway.

Each home is built with state of the art appliances and high quality materials so the soldiers and their families can feel “at home” when staying there, which is free of charge. Ken did an amazing job with the tour, thank you Ken and for all you do for the soldiers when they stay there!

Full story on the Fisher House:

After the Fisher House we visited Walter Reed Medical Facility to see some wounded warriors. We were not able to take any photos, but nearly all of us walked away in tears. One patient was a veteran recovering from cancer and had been in for nearly 3 months. He was near the end of his chemo and said he needed some sunshine that day and we made his day. He had served for 40 years and shared a few stories with us of his service. His favorite memory though was when he retired because so many people attended, it was at that point he said he realized how much his service had meant.

We were able to take some photos with the doctors serving at Walter Reed, what a great group of doctors and nurses!

My favorite site we visited was the Pentagon! Not only did we get an amazing tour, but met some leaders of the military. The below picture is with the honorable Juan Garcia, Assistant Secretary of Navy Manpower and reserve affairs who is sporting a Soles4Souls bracelet! What a great opportunity to share about our platforms.

My favorite part of the trip was of course being with the International Pageant sisters who live in that region!

Some other fun memories below from the trip!

Some kids tracked us down in DC and asked for some pictures, and we grabbed some with this awesome group!

My Mrs. International Business card is now on the wall at the Senate House ☺ 

The day I left I ended up touring DC to see all of the National Monuments. This picture is from the WWII Memorial and I found my state!

Thank you to Lyss Milan for helping coordinate the efforts in Washington!

If you have never been to DC, you should go as and pay honor to the soldiers lost and do what you can do honor the ones who are here fighting for our freedom everyday. Thank you from the ends of the earth to all who are serving and their families, all of you are true heroes.

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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