Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran’s day. Veteran’s day is always special for our family since Justin, my brother in law and various other family members were all in the service. I am so happy that this year in particular, Justin is finally taking the day off! He has never been off on Veteran’s day and I’m so glad he is this year! I was honored to be asked to ride in the Veteran’s day parade in Dallas and Justin wants to take the kids to watch.

Texas is and always has been a huge supporter of veterans, veteran organizations and veteran events. We truly are a red, white and blue state not only in regards to our state flag, but also the fact that we support our past and present military. It saddens me that not every state in our country supports them the same way. This needs to change. Immediately.

I have attended numerous speaking engagements where the speaker spoke on our nation’s veterans and their unwavering duty and honor to protect and defend our nation and essentially us. I have heard, and seen, the effects that war has physically, emotionally and mentally taken on our nations bravest. I have met the soldiers that have returned home with missing limb(s) and burns covering their entire body from being hit by a roadside bomb. As hard as the physical rehabilitation was, many of those same selfless soldiers have said that the hardest part was the continued mental recovery. The continued war that they are facing inside their head, every time they walk to the mailbox or drive over a bridge.

We must do more! We must do more than asking “If you ever served in the military to please stand for a round of applause”, more than offering a simple thank you, more than doing nothing at all to honor our veterans. The countless stories I have heard of OUR veterans needing guidance to reestablish themselves as civilians, their families needing emotional support to understand their loved ones new and unfortunate physical condition. Yet nothing or no one is around to offer help.

I urge you to please get involved in supporting our nations bravest. Finding a local chapter for a veteran organization and offering to volunteer at their next event is simple. Are you neighbors with an elderly veteran? Go cut their grass or drive them to an appointment. The easiest thing you can do? Offer a listening ear when they need it most. Because after all, freedom truly isn’t free.

Until the Mission Is Complete,



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