Brooklyn Park Lady Lions

What a treat to address the Brooklyn Park Lady Lions with a positive message about the International Pageant System, the importance of “Go Red,” and my journey to the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. My favorite moment in the night had to be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, which I don’t believe I have done since Elementary School…and it actually made me feel good to know that a group of women, on a rainy night, in a suburban community, will stand to state their devotion to the flag.

These lovely ladies offered a prayer before our meal, and specifically asked God to help me share a meaningful message with them, which I thought was very sweet…but I told them it put a lot of pressure on me! Following my speech they asked wonderful questions, shared their former beliefs of pageantry (yes I said “former”), and it was a giggle teaching them to pose for our photo by turning inward, popping the knee, and twisting the shoulders…with the outside ladies placing hands on hips. As you can see, they ultimately did a spectacular job looking fantastic!

Thank you to Pat and Bev for reaching out to me, as I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Brooklyn Park Lady Lions!

Best Wishes,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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