Turning the Table on Sherrie Gearheart!

It was a sheer pleasure for me to host the Founder and Editor of Tiara Magazine, Ms. Sherrie Gearheart, for dinner in Chicago on Saturday evening, November 17th! This dinner was first, an opportunity to say “thank you” in person for the honor of being named the magazine’s “Most Beautiful Titleholder of the Year.” And second, it was an opportunity for me to turn the table on the interviewer…and ask her to be the interviewee!

Sherrie was absolutely up for the challenge, and here is how the interview unfolded as I asked her about herself, Tiara Magazine, and her nonprofit called “Live Out Loud Charity”:

Sarah – When did you create Tiara Magazine?

Sherrie – I created Tiara magazine in 2008. We premiered our first issue in 2009. We are currently read in print and online in 144 countries.

Sarah – Why did you create Tiara Magazine?

Sherrie – I had been a pageant coach for a little over two years and felt there wasn’t something out there that I could pick up and find affordable, relevant, and valuable as a resource. Therefore, Tiara Magazine was created. I started Tiara Magazine to showcase real beauty queens from local contestants, to the Mrs., plus size, to all divisions that encompass pageantry.

Sarah – How did “Live Out Loud Charity” become a reality?

Sherrie – When I was 19, I lost a childhood friend to suicide. I couldn’t believe that we as human beings had become so cold that those suffering from depression feel that they have no one to turn to, so I knew it was my life’s mission to save lives through suicide prevention and intervention. I started Live Out Loud Charity in 2010 and we have reached millions of individuals worldwide through our partnerships and seminars.

Sarah – What is the most important message you would like to share about the “Live Out Loud Charity” Tiara Magazine 3rd Annual Fashion Show event?

Sherrie – This event is a celebration of life and hope. In our fashion show we have women of all heights, ages, ethnicities, and sizes. We will have top designers and 65 beauty queens from all over the world coming together for Live Out Loud Charity.

Sarah – How can people reading this blog participate?

Sherrie – They can be in the show, attend the show, participate as a vendor, or go on-line to make a donation at: http://liveoutloudcharity.org/ or www.tiaramag.net/fashion-show/

Sarah – Any last comments you would like to share with our readers?

Sherrie – I encourage everyone to find a cause that they believe in so they can go forth and make a change in this world.

Thank you again to Sherrie Gearheart, for her willingness to participate in this interview, and my very best wishes to her and the Live Out Loud Charity event…may it be a stunning success!

All my love and appreciation,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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