National Peanut Festival

This past weekend, people from all over the South poured into my hometown of Dothan, Alabama. It marked the opening day of the National Peanut Festival. Peanuts are the number one cash crop in our area. For nearly seventy years, our area has celebrated agriculture in our area with a ten day celebration, complete with fair rides, amazing food venders, and even the Eli Young Band!

In 2002, the National Peanut Festival was featured on the Food Network’s “Festivals Around the World”. I was filmed teaching the world how to “properly” eat a boiled peanut. Although the food is amazing, my favorite part of the “fair week” is the opportunities to serve others.

The National Peanut Festival committee plans for different groups to come to the fair during week days free of cost. Some of these days include: Kindergarten Day, Senior Citizens’ Day, and Special Citizens’ Day. Stay tuned to see what’s new at the National Peanut Festival this year!

My sweet friend, Drew, on his favorite ride at Special Citizens’ Day last year.
Caroline Crowley


  1. I just got back home to Colorado from the National Peanut Festival! The people of Dothan sure do know how to make you feel welcome after a great day with Clay, Joey and Terri. Your city and state are wonderful Caroline!


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