Heart Healthy Living

As you all know, the International system partners with the American Heart Association and their “Go Red! for Women” campaign. Over the weekend, I had the chance to meet with the chairwomen of the American Heart Association chapter in Mobile, Alabama. One of the things we discussed was the lack of knowledge teens have about making heart healthy choices. Heart disease in the number one killer of women, and the best way to prevent heart disease is to be proactive! Leading a heart-healthy life is very simple. Here are three easy ideas to begin!
  1. EXERCISE. I know what you are thinking…UGH! However, obesity and being overweight are a huge cause of heart problems. Cardio exercises can be fun and easy. My favorite way to exercise is with friends. Taking an afternoon run can be a great way to stay in shape, catch up with friends, and keep your heart strong, as well!
  2. TASTE BEFORE YOU SALT. Grabbing the salt and dousing your food before you even taste it is an easy habit to acquire. However, foods that are high in sodium are bad for your heart. You can reduce some of your sodium intake simply by only salting what is absolutely necessary.
  3. MANAGE YOU STRESS. As a senior in high school, I know how easy it is to be overwhelmed with college applications, school work, and extracurricular activities. However, stress on your mind means stress on your heart. Take the time to prioritize. Think about what really matters, and don’t sweat the small things. If needed, grab a mocha with the girls or curl up with your favorite book to clear your mind and keep your body in check! 
Heart Health & Hugs,


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