Go Red for Women Luncheon

The annual Go Red for Women Luncheon held at the Marriott in downtown Minneapolis was a wonderful event, and the International Pageant Family was well represented by local, state, and two international titleholders! Both Krista and I were assigned to the Diva Couch, which is a fun spot for attendees to put on some red bling and let their "diva" show!

Being a DIVA, with Danielle and Krista!

DIVA Gal Pals Amy & Lisa!

Michael even joined me on the Diva Couch!

As volunteers, recognizing and honoring our affiliation with the American Heart Association, I always try to greet the staff members who keep us engaged and here are some wonderful photos with just some of those very special people.

Barb Ducharme with AHA.

AHA friends; Meghan Perry, Kim Friend, Kevin Harker and me.

Dr. Mary Boylan, Cardiothoracic Surgeon at St. Luke's and Susan Cahoon where kind enough to pose with me just before lunch.

Thank you to all the titleholders who showed up for the event, and many thanks to the AHA for allowing us to participate with such a powerful and important cause!

Miss & Mrs International 2012 support Go Red for Women!

Sarah Bazey

As ambassadors for the American Heart Association, both Mrs. International, Sara Bazey and I, attended the Go Red Luncheon in Minneapolis.  This event inspires and educates women on the importance of living a heart healthy lifestyle and raises money for cardio vascular research.

Several women gave testimonies of surviving heart attacks or living with heart disease and just how life changing it can be. Their stories were moving and certainly had an effect on the audience.  One of the most compelling topics being the fact that heart disease can strike at any age, so you must be vigilant and not assume that you are invincible simply because you are under 40.

Held in the lovely Minneapolis Marriott the crowd was filled with local celebrities and business leaders.  Many of these women joined me on the Diva Couch.   In case you are wondering, the Diva Coach is a photo opportunity where women can choose from fun, glamorous accessories such as glitter sunglasses, tiaras or feather boas and have a fun photo taken.  This many seem silly, but after talking about such a serious subject as your heart, it is fun to just be a girl.

This event also provides women an opportunity to share their story on camera.  From these short videos, the American Heart Association will select the stores of real women for their upcoming campaign.  As a person with first-hand knowledge of the devastating effect of heart disease, I took my turn in front of the camera as well.  I spoke about my cardio ablation procedure and the open heart surgery experience by my grandmother.

To hear the stories other women go to….


Follow your mom’s advice, eat right and exercise!

Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012


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