Panama City Beach

Living in Alabama, many people joke that we have four seasons….Summer, summer, summer, and almost summer. Over the past week, it has been exceptionally warm and sunny in our area. With temperatures reaching the low 80’s during the day, our family decided to take a weekend vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida. Panama City Beach is well-known as a tourist destination for “Spring Breakers”.

However, the beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere serve as a great get-away any time of the year! We enjoyed a weekend of shopping, eating at local restaurants, and even playing in the water. After traveling in the snow during recent appearances, I can definitely say with confidence that I am BLESSED to be a southern girl!

Our friend, Jack, joined our family fun over the weekend. We visited the Lighthouse Marina to look at the “big boats”, as he says. As you can tell, he was not very thrilled with taking pictures, but he loved to see the fish!

The water was a little too cold for me. I decided to stay dry and be the “family photographer”.

The Back Porch is one of our favorite restaurants. Maybe because we love taking pictures in the giant beach chair!

Best wishes,

Caroline Crowley


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