"We Are the Art" Campaign

The International Child Art Foundation has a really cool new program coming up called, The “We Are Art” Campaign. The Los Angeles band Nico Vega has partnered with ICAF to create a music video for their song “We Are the Art.” They are looking for children (of all ages) to submit photos of themselves with their favorite form of creative expression to be featured in their music video. This video will be featured in schools around the globe to promote art education and creative expression.

1) Listen to the Nico Vega song “We Are The Art” http://bit.ly/TSFNdC (copy and paste into browser)
2) Capture a 3-­‐5 minute video of yourself and your artwork. All forms of art are welcome and encouraged by kids of any age.
3) Please include in your video the statement –“I am the art. We are the art” in your mother tongue. Both, written on a play card and spoken by you. 

4) Upload your video to the free file sharing website wetransfer.com and email the link to media AT icaf.org -­‐-­‐alternatively, if the video is 10Mg or less, you can email it directly to media AT icaf.org.

5) DUE DATE: January 31st, 2013.

Click here to find more information and to meet Nico Vega and hear their song,
“We Are the Art!”

I will be submitting my own photos and photos of children I have mentored in the past. I hope you can contribute photos of your creative passions as well.

“I dream my paintings, and when I wake, I paint my dreams…” – Vincent Van Gogh

Pass this message onto anyone who may be interested in promoting the arts in education!

Thank you, all my love, 

Krista Wanous
Miss International 2012


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