Photo Shoot Tips

So far, along with Miss International 2012, Krista Wanous, and Mrs. International 2012, Sarah Bazey, we have covered several aspects of the Miss International pageant. Hopefully, we are able to use our experiences to help you better understand competition week and feel more prepared when you arrive!

One aspect we have not covered is photography! As a titleholder, you are required to submit head shots for various pages both online and in the program book.

If you are selected as one the 2013 International queens, you will be granted the wonderful opportunity to shoot with renowned photographer, Clay Spann! Although the concept seems simple, a great photo requires preparation. Below are some helpful tips to make the most of your future photo shoots.

  • Choose a top or dress with an interesting neckline. An interesting neckline is aesthetically pleasing; it also helps focus the viewers on the most important aspect of a head shot…your face!
  • Bring fun jewelry! A great way to express your personality is through accessories. I have participated in pageantry since I was a toddler. Looking back on my photos, some of my favorite included a fun headband or flashy neck piece. 
  • Prepare your skin, teeth, and hair several weeks before your photo shoot. Whether your hair needs a trim, you need a facial, or maybe you like to whiten your teeth, make sure you do not wait until the last minute. Sometimes, my skin reacts oddly to products I have used my whole life. Preparing in time helps ease your stress and allows you to enjoy your experience!
  • Be comfortable with yourself! I often wonder if I look awkward during a photo shoot. However, I always remind myself that a great photo often involves going outside of my “comfort zone”. A unique photo requires a unique approach.

I was able to catch a glimpse of Miss Teen West Coast International’s photo shoot with Clay Spann recently.


Caroline Crowley


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