New Year…. New Beginnings

Traditionally, people make New Year’s resolution on January 1st . By definition a “Resolution” is firm decision to do or not to do something.  Typically, resolutions are grandiose goals and often they lack a realistic plan of how to reach the goal.

In the past my resolutions were influenced by what society thinks I should be doing. For example, the magazines covers of well-toned models compelled me to lose weight or get more exercise.  Often these resolutions were about self-imposed deprivation and “not doing something” like eating foods I enjoy, which is why these resolution are discarded so quickly.

Rather than find myself feeling guilty about another unmet resolution, I have decided to do something different. This year I am going to make a decision to do more of the things I enjoy. 

Here is a list of my anti-resolutions and what I plan to do:

Anti-resolution #1:
I want to concentrate on spending less time worrying about what society expects and more time meeting the needs of my friends and family. 

Action plan:
Spend less time reading fashion magazines and write a compliment or thoughtful note to a friend or family member.  This costs almost nothing and can be done in seconds, while waiting in line or sitting at a stop light.  I love to tuck a funny thought or encouraging word into my boyfriend’s pocket or my mom’s purse.  Texting is nice, but handwritten notes are keepsakes.

Anti-resolution #2:
I want to focus on remembering my successes and happy moments while spending less time fussing about my mistakes. 

Action plan:
Keeping a journal sounds like work, instead I plan to keep little things to remind me of happy moments.  Find large empty jar or decorative box, add things that make you happy, a compliment received, tickets from an event, pictures of friends, or a quickly jotted note about a good thing that happen during the day. Read contents when I am having a bad day

Anti-resolution #3:
I resolve to eat one fabulous dessert per week.  I will not try to avoid sweets altogether or be so deprived that I gobble up whatever is handy, even if it’s not very tasty.

Action plan: 
Find a delicious recipe on Pintrest for a great dessert and eat one good size helping every weekend.   I’ll bring the rest to work to share with co-workers.   I know that I can make healthy choices if I have something delicious to look forward to. Check out my favorite recipes at Pinterest.

I hope that you will spend some time reflecting on what you want to achieve this year and set small, obtainable goals.  I wish you all the best in 2013 and would love to hear about your plans on Facebook.

Krista Wanous


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