The Whitney Landmark Residence Holiday

Do you ever wonder how well you know your neighbors? Well, mine learned a little more about me during a lovely holiday gathering in the lobby of the Whitney Landmark Residence. Since Joe and I moved into the renovated historic building five years ago, which was built in the mid 1860’s as a flour mill that harnessed the power of the water from the mighty Mississippi River and the St. Anthony Falls, we have enjoyed getting to know the wonderful members of our community.

Several of our neighbors were aware that I had been competing in the International pageant system and have been both engaged and supportive…then there are the neighbors who had absolutely no idea, however, were inquisitive about the crown, the title, and what it all means. As with any situation, I took the opportunity to share the message of this amazing system, the Go Red message, and my personal commitment to the burn world.

In my experience, nearly every person who takes the time to understand the meaning of this title and the true beauty of this crown walks away with a smile on their face…but not before they share with me their kinds words of encouragement. Here is a photo with some sincerely nice people who also call The Whitney home!

 Owners of the Whitney Landmark Residence

Warm Wishes,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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