The Science of Art Therapy

As many of you know, my platform is Art Heals.  As I prepared for the interview portion of the competition, I realized that my platform was not as familiar or clear as some of the charitable organizations promoted in pageants.  For example, the work of the American Heart Association is well known, but few people have even heard of art therapy.  For many in the medical profession the concept of art therapy was rather subjective and people of science want clear evidence.

I recently came across a two part series that does a lovely job of explaining how art heals and the science that backs up what many of us know intuitively.  As you prepare for your interview and on-stage questions, make sure you quickly and clearly convey your platform, why it is important to you and how you plan to promote it.

Please check out this link to learn why I have such a passion for this field:

Arts & the Mind, highlighting some of the leading arts programs in the world and showcases the positive impact of arts on the brain. Watch the two-part documentary, highlighting Children's Hospital's and Clinics of Minnesota on part two, starting at 07:21.


Krista Wanous 
Miss International 2012


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