Bon Jour from Paris!

There is no place like Paris, France, and no structure that says you have arrived more than the Eiffel Tower!

Our ride on the EuroStar train from London to Paris was absolutely wonderful! The train was clean and comfortable, we were served coffee, tea, juice, and a breakfast tray. It was a great way to take in the country side, and the time spent in the "Chunnel" beneath the English Channel was about 20 minutes of our 2 and a half hour trip.

Welcome to the French Countryside

Once we arrived at the W Hotel next to the Opera House and got settled in, it was time to find a little bistro in the neighborhood. We found a quaint spot called Le Tivoli, where the food was excellent and the service was equally as special.

The charming Enrico was our Italian server in France!

As we walked back to the W, I had to capture a photo of the Galeries Lafayette, because one should always be aware of the nearest shopping just in case! And, where else but in the "city of lights" would you see a mall quite like this?

Galeries Lafayette

The next morning, as we set out for a day of adventure, we started with a photo next to our hotel with the Paris Opera, which was built in 1669 and founded by Louis XIV in the background. Paris is also known as the "city of love"...and it is where Joe and I were a little PDA seemed acceptable.

Opera House

Once we reached the Trocadero, which is a fantastic location for viewing the Eiffel Tower, it became a great opportunity for posing with tourists from around the world and my handsome husband!

With a nice gentleman from Belgium

The last time we were beneath the tower was the evening of our groom's dinner as we floated down the River Seine

Our next destination was the Champs Elysée, where we enjoyed lunch at a sidewalk cafe, made the obligatory stop (and small purchase) at Louis Vuitton, walked through a couple automobile dealers, and stood in the middle of the street to capture a photo of the Arc de Triomphe, which was built in 1806 and is another iconic symbol of Paris.

What a gorgeous car! 

A classic Mercedes Photo 

Arc de Triomphe

After a day of touring, it was time to get dressed for dinner, which was held at the exclusive Automobile Club de France located on Place de la Concorde. Our hosts for the evening were my fabulous HBS classmate Mr. Pascal Pluchard and his lovely wife Dominique. When we arrived, the Pluchards gave us a tour of the club and as we stood on the terrace we were able to enjoy a breathtaking view of Paris and many of the city's treasures.

Arrival at the Automobile Club de France

Shannon, Joe and Pascal on the terrace

View overlooking Place de Concorde 

What a stunning room for our dinner!

Just before the guests arrived, Joe and I had a chance to spend a few minutes together on the terrace. Once they were all in attendance, we captured a few photographs before sitting down to enjoy a delicious meal.

A moment with my husband 

What a wonderful group of individuals (left to right); Dominique, Mehmet, Tatiana, Pascal, Me, Philippe, Joseph, Shannon, Paul, Renk and Bertrand 

With my gracious hosts

Shannon in a gorgeous gown she purchased on one of our trips to NYC together a decade ago! 

Cheers to Harvard! 

Tatiana and Philippe with little one on the way!

Mehmet Sencan was also one of our HBS classmates and his wife Renk is a very special lady. It was so wonderful to see them again, and they were so kind to invite us to their home for dinner in Istanbul when we arrive. Paul Tremsal and Bertrand Favreul are both dear friends and business associates of Pascal. It was simply wonderful sharing the evening with these two charming Frenchmen. It was also quite a treat to meet the dashing Philippe Dutilleul and his beautiful wife Tatiana. Philippe is an attorney who specializes in the world of art. Philippe is a friend of a friend and we were thrilled to have been able to include them in our Paris celebration. Merci beaucoup to each of our guests for joining us...and my sincerest gratitude to Pascal and Dominique for an exquisite  evening!

The Eiffel Tower sparkles on the hour 

Dominique captured this moment at mid-night as Shannon and I reminisce about all that we have seen as friends for nearly 30 years...

The next morning we bid au revoir to tres beau Paris and boarded the train for Frankfurt, Germany!

Merci beaucoup to all of you joining us on this journey!

With continued love and appreciation,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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