Graduation Day

My mom says that I have always been so ready to grow up. On my second day of Kindergarten, I cried because my mom made me wear a bow in my hair, but the “big girls” did not. I began planning for my future wedding when I was about seven after watching TLC’s “A Wedding Story”. I would always try out my ideas with my rather large collection of Barbie dolls. Of course, as with any student in high school, I could not wait to graduate! Well….today was the day!

I have to say that when I walked out of the Dothan Civic Center with my diploma in hand, my feelings were a lot different than what I expected. Although I know that the faculty and staff at Ashford High School have more than prepared the graduating class of 2013 for what lies ahead, I was sad to turn the page on that chapter of my life.

However, I know that God has wonderful plans in store for my life. Although I will miss seeing my friends in the halls every day, attending school-wide pep rallies, and especially just being a Senior, I know that the time has come for me to “grow up”…. something I have always wanted to do!

My best friend AND college roommate next year! Watch out, world!

I will definitely miss my principal, Mr. James Odom! I will never forget his frequent displays of school spirit…complete with AHS black and gold Converse shoes on the first day of EVERY school year!

Caroline Crowley


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