Palm Springs Welcomes ABA

The American Burn Association (ABA) hosted its 45th Annual Meeting in sun drenched Palm Springs, California. As a member of the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors national board of directors, I am obligated to attend this event, which is held near the beginning of the convention each year in a different part of the country. For our organization to be so closely affiliated with the medical community dedicated to providing burn care, we consider this to be an important relationship. How awesome it is for doctors and other medical personnel to want to learn from us as survivors, and how important it is for us to support their efforts.

During this board meeting, I was able to share with the other directors a re-cap of my tour through the Asian Pacific as Mrs. International. The board learned about my speech to the Phoenix Society Japan and how 22 survivors traveled from around the country to spend a day with me in Tokyo. They also heard about the stories those survivors shared with me, and how similar their activities are to our own. I told them about my meeting in Hong Kong, China, with the burn survivors starting the Hong Kong Burn Association. We discussed my tour of the burn unit in the heart of Manila, Philippines, which I found to be life changing. And, I shared my appreciation for the board supporting the burn survivor meeting held in Sydney, Australia, which turned out to be a reunion of survivors including the founder of the Phoenix Society.

This report was well received and I was thrilled to share my itinerary for the European tour commencing in just days! I cannot adequately thank the members of the board and staff for their support, encouragement, and assistance when needed. One of my stated goals as Mrs. International 2012 was to connect the burn community around the world…and with the help of so many…mission is being accomplished!

Room with a view!

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With sincere appreciation,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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