Memorial Day Message

Memorial Day…unfortunately, when most people hear this phrase, they think of a long weekend off of work and possibly, a much needed vacation weekend. However, while these are all great ways to celebrate Memorial Day, the most important aspect of this holiday is the remembrance of those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

My grandparents have a door hanger on their pool house that I have never really noticed until recently. It reads, “The land of the free, because of the brave.” I do not think I could describe our great nation in any better words. Every single day, men and women fight for our country not knowing if they will ever return to the safety of their homes. I believe that passion like this is the driving force of our country.

So, this Memorial Day, I encourage you to take time to thank God for these brave men and women. Remember not only the fallen soldiers, but also how blessed our nation is to be the home of such brave heroes!

Caroline Crowley


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