Sample Letter To a Sponsor

Hello Ladies! As the pageant draws closer, most of you are out and about trying to solicit sponsors and raise money for specific organizations or platforms! I wanted to share an outline that I have used in the past that has successfully worked for me! Just fill in the blanks or change anything you would like! You do not have to use this at all, this is just an example.

Dear (enter name of business),

I am so proud to announce that I have been crowned (miss/teen/mrs…) When people who are unfamiliar with our program hear about Miss International, generally they instantly think of a typical “beauty pageant”. We are so much more than that, with many layers of depth that many people never know or experience. Although there is an on-stage competition at every level—and we proudly enjoy that aspect of it very much—many other things are going on behind scenes, year round. Miss International has long valued community service, and each contestant must champion a social issue that is important to her. I have seen young women with zero background in volunteer work become community activists through their involvement in the Miss International system. 

We are nationally partnered with The American Heart Association to help fight the number one cause of death in women; Heart Disease. With your help, not only will I be able to help spread the message of Go Red For Women on an INTERNATIONAL level, but I will promote my personal platform of (Platform). 

(Include several sentences explaining your platform, why you chose it, what you have accomplished, and what your plans are) With your sponsorship, I can help make these dreams a reality. Together, we can change the world by (Include a catchy phrase from your platform.)


(name and title)

It’s important to include the Web address of your blogs, the pageant system, and your contact information. I will also always include an autographed photo to make them feel special! Happy Sponsorship Hunting!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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