100 Years of Girl Scouts

It’s hard to believe that 100 years ago our organization, the Girl Scouts of America, was founded by one courageous woman-Juliette Gordan Lowe.

In order to celebrate the feats of this amazing woman, 50,000 Girl Scouts gathered at the Mall of America to celebrate 100 years of this organization, including myself! As a fellow Girl Scout working on her Gold Award (the highest award possible for a G.S.), it was a true honor to be a special host at the Courageous and Strong Girl court.

Getting my mic on!

Signing some autographs before going on stage!

Thousands of girls tuned in as I shared my Girl Scout story and gave them advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Guest speakers showed how to create happiness through “laughing yoga”, how to prepare a delicious, healthy meal, how to use manners, and tips on hairstyles that best reflect your bold personality.

Here with Mary Anderson of YogaStudio. She taught us a new form of yoga that increases brain health-laughing and having fun!

Signing more autographs!

This troop had their troop number in the form of a crown! Too cute!

Doing the Girl Scout handshake with a fellow scout!

I met up with Justine Magazine and am excited to begin working on a project with them!

Girl Scout outfits from every decade were displayed around the mall!

100 years of Girl Scouting equal over 3 million girls internationally making a difference. It’s astounding how 1 woman sparked a movement that has lasted throughout a century. It is an honor to be a part of this great organization and being able to reach out to my fellow Girl Scouts all around the world.

Jurnee Carr


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