Levine Children’s Hospital Visit

The NASCAR Sprint Cup season is underway and the first seven race events have been pretty spectacular!  While all the on-track excitement has been making headlines, it’s what is off-track that truly matters.  Hundreds of volunteers, from coast-to-coast, have come together to help raise funds and volunteer to help children lead happier, healthier lives.

Earlier this month, I had a chance to make a difference in the lives of children who were patients at Levine Children’s Hospital.  If I can paint a silver lining on the situation, it would be that each child I visited was surrounded by their entire family – mother, father, aunts, uncles along with their friends and neighbors.  You could just feel the love from all of them helping to heal these fragile little ones. 

My appearance was due in part to many from within the sport of NASCAR, generously donating $25 so a child could receive a Speediatrics Teddy Bear.  Speediatrics is the branding given to child care units within hospitals created by Betty Jane France.  The first child I encountered was in a pedal car and her father was pushing her around the hallways.  She was recovering from a surgery earlier in the week.  Tucked inside her seatbelt was her favorite doll sitting right beside her.  She gladly accepted my gift of the teddy bear and then proceeded to make room so she could fit the teddy bear on the other side of her - also protected by the seatbelt.  So precious! 

At the conclusion of my visit, the coordinator shared with me they usually only allow special guests make 1-visit per year.  But, since the children and staff enjoyed my visit so much they would make an exception.  So, I look forward to returning to Levine’s before I give up the crown!

Janet Bolin


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