Focus on Wardrobe

When my husband and I decided to compete in the Mrs. International Pageant system, we knew we’d need a line item in our budget for wardrobe.  My day job allows me the flexibility of being business casual, so I quickly turned to the pageant sponsors for help.  I would highly recommend always supporting your pageant sponsors, like Competitive Image, as they are experts in the style, vision and quality you want to portray at the pageant and at your appearances.  

Before you go shopping, remember to stick to your budget.  Win or lose, you need to be comfortable with the investment you make in your wardrobe. I’d also recommend making sure anything you purchase you already have a plan in place as to where you will wear it again, or who you can pass it along to wear.  After all, it’s how you present yourself in your wardrobe that will ultimately earn you the crown.

Janet Bolin


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