Second Annual Cuties for a Cure Pageant

One of the greatest things I love about pageantry is the ability to rally girls together to serve others. This past weekend I hosted the 2nd Annual Cuties for a Cure pageant in Norton, Virginia! This pageant was in honor of cancer victim Kadesha Baker, a catalyst for change in her community.

There were close to 70 young ladies competing!

Toddlers to pre-teens competed in 2 categories: the super fun outfit of choice and the very elegant evening gown!

I interviewed the Little Miss contestants, aged 5-6 and the Pre-Teens, aged 9-10. They were the best! I asked them about their favorite television shows and favorite foods! So fun!
It was such an honor to host this pageant last year as Miss Teen Virginia International, and an even bigger honor to host it for the second year in a row as Miss Teen International! I know that Kadesha would be very proud of our efforts!
Jurnee Carr


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