Hungry for The Hunger Games

It was on The New York Times list for over 100 consecutive weeks as of September 2010. It has sold almost 3 million copies. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s The Hunger Games!!

The countdown begins for the premier!

This is probably the best series that I have read since the Twilight Saga. The action is crazy the romance is softening, but above all, the characters rock! And I got to see them!!

On their tour around the United States promoting the premier of The Hunger Games movie, the cast stopped by the Mall of America the same weekend I went! Wow! There were at least 5,000 people packed around the central square of the mall, with fans on each of the 4 levels of the mall!

Josh Hutcherson was definitely looking at me! ..or at least in my direction!

And yes, my friend Courtney Woolwine and I will be front and center at the midnight premier next week! Who’s with me?!

Jurnee Carr


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