Focus on Stage Presence

You’ve already made the investment to compete in the pageant, so don’t lose it on-stage.  Time and time again, I’ve been back stage with contestants who focus on everything except what counts.  Focus on you.  Envision your moment on-stage.  Enjoy it.  Relax.  Smile.  Make eye contact with the judges.  Talk to the judges with your eyes.  Pick me.  Pick me.  Pick me.    

My butt jiggles.  My arms are swinging too much.  My hair is caught in my lip gloss.  Forget it.  The judges aren’t going to notice.  Besides, these are all things you should have already rehearsed.  Yes, rehearsal.  You need to practice walking in fitness wear – shoes, hair, and yes, lip gloss.  Practice walking in your evening gown with your husband.  He doesn’t have to get all dressed up, but you should.  Leave nothing to chance.  While we can’t control everything in life, take charge of those things you can.  You will be less stressed at the pageant.  I promise.

Janet Bolin


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