Hoops for Heart

The American Heart Association is on a mission to create healthier lives for all! One of the ways we branch out to the younger audience is by holding Hoops for Heart events in middle schools! I had the opportunity to speak to some really cool middle schoolers about being heart healthy, and I also got to play them in a game of basketball!

Hoops for Heart is about teaching kids to lead healthy lives and to stay active to improve heart health!

I was able to share my story with them: both of my grandfathers have suffered from heart disease. Staying heart healthy is extremely important to me because the gene for heart disease could be passed down onto me.

We also talked about eating vegetables and staying active can improve our heart health.

Talking to some girls who will be playing their first year of high school basketball next year! So exciting!

We did our part by staying active with a fun game of basketball!

We played teachers vs. students, and I got to play for the teachers! We were winning by a lot (height was an advantage) so our referee made us play with 1 hand! That was rough!

I had an absolute blast talking to the middle schoolers about my passion for the American Heart Association, and playing a round of basketball!

Remember, every day is another chance to be healthy! So eat the right foods and exercise; your heart will thank you!

Jurnee Carr


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