Making Literacy a Family Affair

Nothing can take the place of a strong family structure.  Your parents are your first teachers.  It’s no wonder that when the entire family embraces literacy, the children are more likely to be successful.  There are many ways for the entire family to get involved.  The key is to be consistent and to have fun.   Here is a couple.

Make reading time fun time.  Reading is a treat.  By reading with your family you can enjoy quality time and help your children.  Also, by keeping track of the books that you read as family, you can chart your family’s progress.  Books are also good way to discover your children’s interests.  Another way is to incorporate word games into family fun time.  A lot of families have game nights.  A quick game of scrabble is fun and educational at the same time. It can increase children’s vocabulary and help them become faster readers.


Ciji Dodds
Miss International 2011


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