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Earlier this week, NASCAR hosted a group of students from the Michigan State University.  Their visit was part of the annual Career Services Network, Spring Break Corporate Tour.  Approximately 30 student leaders and faculty experienced the wide world of NASCAR.  Their visit started off with a tour of Joe Gibbs Racing.  Then, they toured the impressive NASCAR Hall of Fame with our favorite historian, Buz McKim, and finally the NASCAR Media Group Studios.  The students assembled in the legendary, Studio 43, where they were given in-depth information from key divisions including licensing, market research, industry relations and The NASCAR Foundation.  
The entrance to the legendary, Studio 43, at the NASCAR Media Group Studios located in the NASCAR Plaza, Charlotte, NC.

Richard Petty’s signature on the door of Studio 43, a cherished moment in history.

Studio 43 is home to the weekly show, Inside NASCAR on Showtime, as well as many other great productions produced by the NASCAR Media Group.

I was one of the speakers, who gave the students a glimpse of my role within the licensing and retail division.  Many business schools don’t offer a course specifically for licensing, so the students were surprised to learn my degree is in Journalism and Marketing.  All my “licensing” knowledge has been acquired through experience and a close relationship with international licensing resource, LIMA.

The view from the audience of students from Michigan State University.

I was delighted with all of the great questions they had prepared for me.  My favorite question was, “What does NASCAR give back to the fans.”  There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you work in an industry that always puts fans, first.  Teams, tracks, sponsors, licensees and especially the drivers spend a healthy amount of time volunteering, and helping raise funds to help communities around the world lead happier, healthier lives.   A percentage of all Officially Licensed NASCAR products sold at-track and brick-n-mortar retail is also donated through The NASCAR Foundation.  These are all stories that don’t necessarily make headlines, but for those who are impacted – they know.

An opportunity for the students to stretch their legs and capture a photo of their time inside Studio 43. 

The best resource to find out more about how the industry unites is by visiting NASCAR.COM/unites.  I also gave the group a little insider tidbit to stay tuned to @NASCAR on Twitter this Saturday for a very special announcement from Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  The announcement will take NASCAR Unites to a whole new level, helping even more families around the world.  (P.S. Don’t tell anyone I told you.) 
It is very inspiring to see future business leaders embrace an opportunity to spend their spring break immersing themselves in their passion.   As their day concluded, they attended a reception in The Great Hall at the NASCAR Hall of Fame where they were able to network with the Greater Charlotte MSU Alumni.   As their week progresses, they will also be visiting other businesses such as BMW, Ingersoll-Rand and IBM.  I look forward to working with these superstars the future!

Janet Bolin


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