10 Things to Tell Yourself During Competition Week

The time is here and the time is NOW. Can you BELIEVE IT??!!

I am SO excited for all of you can here we are, the last few days before a new queen team is crowned. 

Below are 10 reminders for your competition week:
  1. Winning Mrs. International can never define who you are as a person
  2. The 5 judges can never define who you are as a person
  3. What you have done with your platform and are going to do regardless of being Mrs. International matters a great deal
  4. You are not less valuable than any of the other contestants
  5. You shine brighter because YOU had the courage to take a stage and share your heart with the world
  6. Just because you are struggling, does not mean you are failing. 
  7. Every great strength comes from a struggle 
  8. Our experience is up to us, not anyone else
  9. We are responsible for our own attitudes despite our circumstances
I love you all and am SO SO excited!

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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