Tips for Pageant Week

I have been asked about any pieces of advice that I would give someone during pageant week, so here are my top twelve words of wisdom as you compete for the title of Miss, Teen, or Mrs. International!

  • Don’t sweat the little things. If you do your week is going to be very long! Take a deep breath and get a new plan if something goes wrong.
  • Don’t try to lose weight at the last minute. You'll feel miserable all week if you don’t eat/drink anything. This is definitely not worth it, and it isn't healthy!
  • Have your mom, director, or someone that knows a thing or two about pageants watch you during preliminary competition and report back to you about what was good and what could be improved on. You can most definitely address that issue and score higher on finals night.
  • Make checklists, books, folders, or some other organizational tool to keep your wardrobe straight for the week. That way you can wake up, check your book, and get ready easily.
  • Pay attention and do your walk full out during rehearsals. This is important because the judges might be there and because you will do it better that night if you have practiced it full out. No one will “steal” your moves, and even if they do it won’t be as polished since they haven't practiced it previously.
  • If platform presentation/onstage question doesn't go as you planned, DON’T stress about it. Just keep going, even if what you say isn't what you prepared. Not talking is worse than saying something else!
  • The second you hear the cue for the end of your 30 seconds, PLEASE stop talking. It doesn't matter if you are mid-sentence or mid-word for that matter, you cannot recover from all of the points you will lose for going over the time limit. It is a one point deduction from each judge per second that you go over.
  • Would a runner start a meet without warming up? No, and neither should you. Have your family member, sister queen, director, etc. ask you simple, practice questions before going into interview. This was a vital step for me!
  • Find your way to relax. I always brought headphones backstage and to the interview area so I could play some uplifting music before the competition to keep me calm and ready.
  • Just do you. A lot of different people are most likely giving you advice and directions, but if you go into this competition doing anything besides what you feel is best, you will leave with regrets.
  • Make friends!!! Only three ladies will walk away with a crown, but there are so many things to be gained besides the title that week. Don’t waste this opportunity to make strong friendships with girls from all over the world!
  • Have fun! Take in every second of this incredible opportunity. The week goes very fast, and it is so important to enjoy it!
I am excited to see who our new titleholders will be, but I am even more excited to see the growth in each of you, the friendships you will make, and the memories that will be made. Keep working hard and don’t lose sight of why you are competing in the first place!

If you believe in something, believe in it all the way!

Blair Wortsmith
Miss Teen International 2014


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