Finding the Right Team

As you prepare to become Mrs., Miss, or Miss Teen International 2017… you are bound to face tough decisions which require great consideration. We were never meant to live alone - in fact, we were created to be relational people. When these situations come, it’s critical that we are surrounded by a team that will tell us what we need to hear.

There were numerous times throughout my journey that caused me to lean on my team for honesty and support. When you are pouring everything you have into obtaining the job of your dream… there are an overflow of emotions and sometimes you just need a hug or honest opinion. Your council is also there for these times; they stand strong when you can’t.

I’ve always referred to my council as Team Moreno. We move and work as one strong unit and what others see on stage is a representation of everyone who is part of my team. Our mindset has transferred into my everyday life and I’m positive Team Moreno will live on forever.

How do we create a team that we can trust? Use these guidelines to identify who will help you achieve everything you were created to be.

1. The Family Members

Momma and Daddy Moreno have helped me through each pageant I’ve ever competed in. They provide the emotional support I need and also are a solid sounding board for my thoughts. My Parents will tell me like it is but in a soft way when needed.

2. The Caring Significant Other

Often times, our significant other is the best person to provide love. My significant other and I discussed that I didn’t need him to be a coach… I just needed him to give me hugs and remind me that it would all be okay in the end. These people may not know everything about pageants, but they do know your heart and how to care for it.

3. The Honest Friend

This person needs to tell you like it is. No beating around the bush… no… they have no filter and will tell you when you just need to pull it together.

4. The Kind Friend

Opposite of the Honest Friend, the Kind Friend doesn’t give advice but just listens. They tell you it will be okay and bring you chocolate to keep you from being hangry.

5. The Field Expert

Your Field Expert will remain unbiased. They can look at situations from a professional level, provide guidance, and encourage you when needed.

I look forward to seeing how you compose your team for the upcoming year of competition!

Redefining Beauty Worldwide,

Amanda Moreno
Miss International 2016


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