Love In Politics

As the presidential election draws nearer, and emotions seem to heighten... Before friendships, and marriages are destroyed, and before you start looking for a realtor, or a new babysitter...Let me just remind you all, WE CAN DISAGREE IN A LOVING WAY.

Yes, its is possible to remain friends with someone who you don't politically agree with. However, if that is a subject in which you can’t step away from laughing and equally enjoying a person, then I must encourage you not to debate in politics.

Whether you are pro-choice, or pro-life, for traditional marriage or same-sex marriage. Or whether you are for Target or boycotting it.

There is one thing we can all agree on: Love is the answer! If love conquers all, which it does...Then it can certainly conquer a disagreement.

So, the real question is, do you love your relationship more than the disagreement? Is that disagreement more important to you than your friendship or relationship?

If you choose the relationship or friendship over the disagreement, than I commend you! And I can assure you, you made the right decision. Love is always the right decision!

Friends don't HAVE to agree on everything, and yes, even Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friends can lovingly- disagree.

It IS okay to disagree and still remain friends... However it’s a conscience decision, in other words, it's up to you, you choose!

I can assure you, we all have that one friend who seems to be outspoken, and sorta, in-your-face about his or her views. And that's okay, as long as you resist the urge to argue till you’re blue in the face.

You're never going to see eye to eye about everything, with everyone.. Just accept it. Once you accept that, it's so much easier to just love your friends or acquaintances, "faults" and all.

We are all adults, and a friendship is more valuable than a vote for your "guy, or gal!"

I choose love!

So, I promise to love you, regardless of your political views, whatever they may be. I hope you can choose to do the same.

I’m your Mrs. International, reminding you-




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